Overall Management:


Dr Fritz Moise : Executive Director  FOSREF :

fritzmoise@yahoo.com, fmoise@fosref.org,

(509) 3658-7929

Technical and Programmatic/projects aspects:

Dr Lesly Dunbar: Technical / Programmatic Director :

leslydunbar@yahoo.com,   ldunbar@fosref.org,


Information System management/M & E and Research/ Public Relation :

Dr Johane Philogene: Deputy of the Executive Director :

jophilogene@yahoo.com,   jphilogene@fosref.org,  (509) 3838-0000

Human Ressources Aspects

Ms Carline Albert: Human Resources Director:

acarlinea@yahoo.com, calbert@fosref.org, rhfosref@fosref.org


Financial Operations aspects:

Mr. Patrick Schutt: Financial Director:

patrickschutt@yahoo.com, pschutt@fosref.org,


Administrative and Financial Control Aspects:

Mr. Pierre Richard Hereaux: Administrative Director/ Financial Controller:

pieriero@yahoo.ca,  phereaux@fosref.org, 



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